Shannon Mains - Skin care consultant

Bob Wang - President, Legacy Bookkeeping 

Mo Kumarsi and Jo Wang - Owners, Cleaning with Love


What people are saying.... 


"I have been using the Fresh In Your Fridge meal and nutrition services since 2013, before it was even called Fresh in Your Fridge! Why do I continue to use Fresh in Your Fridge? In a nutshell- Value, flexibility and quality.

When I looked at the money I was spending on take out and the time spent preparing my own meals (admittedly rare), compared to the cost of the service, it was a no brainer.

A nutritionist was assigned to me based on when I wanted my meals prepared and ready for the week. When I'm travelling I can put the service on hold. Also, and this was a big reason I have continued to use FIYF, I was recently given a pretty substantial list of foods I needed to avoid and my nutritionist was able to adapt my meal plans accordingly while still offering delicious meals.

The food is healthy and delicious. It's one of the best investments I could make in myself. My body appreciates it.

I would recommend Erika and FIYF for anyone who wants to eat well at a reasonable price. Oh yes, and one of the great pleasures in my life is to come home on Tuesday evenings to smell the delicious food that has been prepared in my home. And a week of goodness at my fingertips!"

-Brian Fitzgerald, owner Tutor Doctor, Vancouver BC


"I have been extremely happy with the service. Meaghan's meal plans have been absolutely fantastic, a good mix of healthy meals that are also delicious!. The squash spaghetti bologenese in particular is by far one of the best dishes I have had in a long time, who knew you didn't need carb heavy pasta:). Not only have the meals been great but Meaghan hand writes a detailed description of each of the dishes and any instructions to go along. I'd highly recommend Fresh in your Fridge to anyone looking to eat healthy while still being able to look forward to dinner!"

-Joseph Agozzino, Vancouver BC


"Having Emily come weekly has been one of the best decisions I've made for my health. Working as a health professional, I know how important it is to properly feed your body. And yet, working long hours leaves me little time to prepare and shop and plan my meals. I'd end up stopping at the corner store famished, or getting take out most lunches and dinners. Since having Emily prepare my meals, I not only look forward to coming home after a work day but my health is better for it as well. I love that she cooks in my home, uses my dishes and makes herself at home in my kitchen. And not to mention, it's the best tasting food! She has helped me with cleanses, changes in my dietary regime, accommodates to my needs at any time. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to make health a priority in their lives."

-Dr. Janelle Bohemier, Vancouver BC 


"Erika, I also wanted to let you know that we have been very happy working with Meaghan.  She should get a gold star.  We are not easy to please."

-Krista, Vancouver BC 


"There are three major rounds of happiness that I get each time I have food made by Erica.
1) Erica tells me what I’ll be eating for the next week via email (Oh my god that sounds so good!)
2) Erica comes over and makes it (Oh my god that smells so good!)
3) I eat it (Oh my god this tastes so good!)
Thank you for everything! Erika, you and your rock star team are making my life better every single day. Thanks for fuelling me."

-Jordan, Vancouver BC 


"Opening my fridge to pre-made meals after a long day of work when I’m hungry and tired is the best feeling ever. Normally I would end up going out to eat so it’s already saving me money!"

-Jennifer, Vancouver BC